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Business operations

With the orientation of developing into a business leader in all aspects of coffee "from cup to planting", the process goes through many stages from planting seedlings on farms, purchasing and importing raw materials. raw materials, quality assurance, manufacturing and selling products. We pursue the highest level of quality at every stage.

1. Activities of purchasing and importing raw materials.

Coffee is a process of experiencing rich flavors. Quality and flavor are most important in the variety and growing conditions. Stretching along the equator, from Brazil, Ethyopia, Jamaica, Vietnam, Indonesia ... each coffee growing country has its own unique flavor and not every place is the same. That's why we buy and import raw coffee all over the world to create a wide variety of flavor experiences in every product line.

2. Distribution and export of raw materials.

With extensive experience in import and export activities, we supply all types of raw coffee for the domestic market and export coffee grown in Vietnam to foreign partners.

3. Production and sales activities.

As the main business area of ​​the company, we provide a wide range of products for the daily needs of our customers. With many lines of coffee machine, coffee filter, instant coffee ...

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